“My experiences learning from Ron have opened myself further to the intricacies of mind-body-spirit, and how deeply they are connected and dependent of each other for health and wellness. Ron comes from such a place of love and wisdom which shines fully in the passion he puts into his classes and consultations. He is a masterful mapmaker and storyteller, and helped guide me to a richer understanding of myself and fully illustrates how wondrous it is to be alive and what it is I could do to nurture that process.” Dana S.

“Although I’m a research biologist with over 30 years of experience, Ron introduced me to new and valuable insights into our relationship to food and to the fundamental biology of our use of food (as well as how we “ingest” other forms of sensory input) that I never received in all of my Western training. Ron is a truly remarkable and gifted teacher, who quickly captivates one with his energy and enthusiasm.  I can honestly say that what I learned in Ron’s classes has prompted changes in my daily habits that have substantially improved the quality of my life!  I highly recommend Ron’s classes.” Rob D.

“Ron is a gifted, natural and enthusiastic speaker and teacher who has a wealth of knowledge that is both vast and deep. He has an uncanny ability to distill broad concepts and a lot of information into an easily graspable form that my whole system can take in, remember, and use. His interactive approach to education makes his lectures engaging and fun. I always walk away from one of his talks feeling inspired and empowered. It is a pleasure to attend any of his educational offerings.”  Kerry L.

“Ron has a gentle, caring, deeply insightful way in which he holds space. In my journey to find healing around my relationship with food, Ron was able to help facilitate an inner dialogue to discover the root causes of my struggle with food. He brought a unique viewpoint on nourishment that has helped me reframe my thinking, bringing in broader perspectives which look at the human being as a body, soul and spirit. He is able to take broad concepts and break them down into practical steps which have ultimately shifted the way I love and nourish all parts of my being. Ron brings the big ideas about life, why we are here, and marries them with the miraculous wonder of our human physiology.”  Crystal M.

“I have been to several of Ron’s Earth Spirit Nutrition classes and have found every one of them to be extremely interesting and refreshingly novel and eye-opening. Ron presents a unique perspective on nutrition that is truly holistic, and artfully combines the spiritual aspect of everything we take into our beings with a well-rounded scientific knowledge of food nutrients and digestion. I can always count on learning something new and profound in Ron’s classes.” Janet D.

“Ron Veitel creates a comfortable, safe place for everyone in his classes to share their own story and struggle about something so very personal. Everyone in the classes I participated in felt a sense of community under his gentle, compassionate leadership and nonjudgmental listening as we together explored a deeper relationship to food that nourishes not just the physical body but nurtures our inner levels of being as well. The course was a necessary next step for me to take to become more conscious of the spiritual physiology of nutrition that supports the well-being of the whole human being. I highly recommend Ron Veitel’s nutrition courses because his esoteric knowledge can take any person to a new and more fulfilling engagement with food, eating and nutrition.”                   Suzanne M.

“Ron is a gifted coach and well informed nutritional guide through the whole maze of finding your unique healthy choices! He sensitively and sensibly led me toward a diet specific to my body and lifestyle needs. He was also available to help me through the (sometimes quite emotionally charged) twists and turns of my own family food history, body image issues, unhealthy habits and beliefs. I learned a lot and feel better than ever about my dietary choices and relationship to food. I am very grateful for his assistance and highly recommend him to others.” Edie S.