The Alchemy of Food for Human Incarnation

Alchemy is a miraculous power or process by which one thing is changed into something even better. Incarnation is endowment with human form. With every ingestion of food the human organism must, through the process of digestion, overcome the forces inherent within the food and destroy it into its most basic units so that the nutrients can cross the threshold of the digestive tract into the inner sanctum of the blood. It is at this point, through powerful soul and spiritual processes, the nutrients can be elevated to the level of human existence and the human being can continue to incarnate. Essentially, digestion is a death and resurrection process.

Join me for a journey into the Alchemy of Food for Human Incarnation in which I will guide you through spiritual scientific understandings of human nourishment and incarnation. By the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of:

  • The senses as nourishment
  • Digestion as a death and resurrection process
  • How to use the Goethean Scientific Method to increase perceptual capacity
  • The human physiology as a cosmology and portal to esoteric wisdom

Sense Perceptions as Nourishment for Body and Soul

Sense experience brings enthusiasm for being in the world as it informs the inner life of the soul. As the external world streams in through our sense perceptible organs our inner life is informed of the environment in which it exists. Based on the way in which the environment is perceived thoughts and feelings are stimulated that trigger a variety of biochemical secretions. This combination of environment and perception of environment can influence engineering genes to re-write entire sections of DNA, for health and healing or sickness and disease.

Come join me for a journey into the realm of the senses and learn how developing perceptive capacities and shifting the way we perceive our environment truly nourishes our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Sacred Inquiry with Plants: A Therapeutic Approach

In this class we’ll learn the basics to a conscious-process-participation approach to plants and the natural world that uses direct experience, empathy, intuition, and imagination as a path towards meaningful insights into nature’s creative process. This approach to studying nature can be potentially transformative for the participant as it is a therapeutic process that allows for the development of trust in ones own perceptions and intuitions when observing the natural world and opens up nascent possibilities for seeing the world anew.

The first half of the class will be dedicated to an overview of the approach, its origins, practical uses, and questions and answers. In the second half of the class we’ll go out onto the land and engage with plants of our own choosing and implement the technique. After this initial interaction we’ll come back and harvest our experiences and complete the process.

As this is a hands on class please bring any material you would like to use such as a journal, drawing pad and pencils, magnifying glass, etc… Also, please dress appropriately for the weather as we will be outside for part of the experience.

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